Swapping admin for strategy – Share scheme management simplified
16 August 2016

Swapping admin for strategy – Share scheme management simplified

Let’s set the scene. Your company is thriving, growing from strength to strength.  In an era where there is a war for talent you are at the point where you need to ensure that your talent remains motivated, retained and rewarded.  You decide to implement a share incentive scheme is the way to go.


With those growth spurts come inevitable pains, but your company’s employee-share scheme should not be keeping you up at night.

At first – with the right set up, implementing an employee-share scheme is a breeze, but inevitably as growth occurs, things start to become a little complicated.

Where there is business development, just below the surface the admin necessary to support it multiplies exponentially.

Who manages what?

Throughout the growth of any company, individuals are assigned tasks that they aren’t as well-equipped to manage as you would like them to be. Tasks that involve the management of sensitive information tends to be thrust upon the upper ranks of the company.


Case in point: when a company introduces an employee-share scheme offering, not only is the amount of behind-the-scenes administration substantial, but the information being managed is of a very sensitive, high-risk nature.


What ends up happening? Often, a senior executive is appointed as a gatekeeper. The issue here is simple: Your executives should be engaged in the incentivising and retention of staff on a strategic level – administration takes up time and steals attention and concentration from their primary objective. 


So, who then should be trusted with this information?

  • We can’t tell you who should manage your share scheme administration, but we can tell you that it no longer has to be one of your strategic senior executives.
  • Singular Systems presents one of our most mature products – Sh@reTrust, a comprehensive product that covers all administrative functions around share schemes, which has undergone much redevelopment throughout the years as our clients’ needs have changed.
  • What if you could separate the admin from confidential information? Sh@reTrust’s advanced security roles and permissions settings mean that multiple people can access the information that they need to – without compromising any of the confidential stuff. Not only that, but you can track who does what with the inbuilt system audit trail.
  • Singular Systems, at its core, is a software development company, so it makes sense for us to be able to adapt our offering to suit your every need. We know that no two companies’ needs are the same.
  • No matter the share scheme offering, the size of the company, or the needs you present, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our product to suit you – perfectly.
  • Steep learning curves are a fundamental part of any business lifecycle, but why make it harder than it needs to be?
  • Not only can our team at Singular offer you the right tools to intuitively manage your share scheme, but should you choose to outsource the entire admin burden, we can take care of it.

Why Singular?

Simply put, we are one of the few providers, if not the only one, that deals with unlisted share schemes and cash-settled schemes (in addition to listed schemes and equity-settled schemes).

We are also broker neutral, so you can choose to stick to your preferred broker and not have to deal with the nightmare of moving. Alternatively, should you be looking for a broker to simply execute share trading for your scheme at a value fee, we can help with that, too.