Custom Dev Software: Unlocking your company’s potential
24 August 2016

Custom Dev Software: Unlocking your company’s potential

Your organisation has the potential to grow exponentially. Potential without the right solutions, however, is about as effective as a lock without a key.

Business challenges, both internal and external, can feel like the locked gate that stands between your company and its potential. It’s not uncommon – every company faces its challenges. In many cases, a single one-key-fits-all solution can unlock optimisation and possibility for a number of different companies. Restaurants requiring POS systems in order to speed up their service offerings need not embark on the journey of tailor-made software development – there are plenty of very suitable straight-out-the-box solutions available to suit their needs.


What happens, however, when a business requires a key, pin code and retinal scan in order to level up to a broader, more opportune playing field?

We at Singular Systems believe that regardless of the similarity of industry, specialisation, approach or design, every business is unique. Some businesses are more unique than others and have more particular needs. That individualism should never be detrimental to the growth of your company but rather be harnessed effectively in order to allow it to thrive.


Developing the right system to solve the business challenges that your organisation presents is a minefield. Successfully navigating the uncertain plains of application development, implementation and adoption are as much about ensuring the right people and systems are in place as it is finding a dependable software partner who is familiar with the terrain to guide your journey.


The list of pain points that bring about the need for the sort of change that tailor-made software provides is endless and varies from company to company. The list of pros and cons is long (and we’ve already covered them here) but ultimately, the way the world works today means that in order to succeed, you need to get digital, and you need an organisation to partner with that can help to make that happen.


Singular Systems has worked closely with organisations of varying sizes, in a variety of industries creating solutions which are tailor-made to their needs. Our combined team of software development experts and business-minded professionals have a clear understanding of every aspect of the challenges your business may face – as well as the technical aptitude to solve them. We strive to ensure that each custom piece of software we develop has not only suited our client’s needs at present but has been developed in such a way that the keys to unlock challenges further down their journey’s path are made easier.


Is custom software only for corporates?

Tailor-made software is often mistaken as suitable exclusively for use by corporate organisations. While, for the corporate, tailor-made solutions can be a powerful tool that provides a more structured and defined business process – a challenge of its own – a specially developed piece of software can mean getting on the fast-track for the start-up, too.

Tailor-made software development creates the opportunity for added agility from the get-go, and can provide small businesses with the platform to generate scale and stability without the technology and resourcing concerns.


From paper to pixels

Many companies are making the move from paper to digital. As the world becomes more digitally based, another consideration for the adoption of a tailor-made solution is the inevitably necessary conversion from a paper-based system to a digital data store. Placing your company’s data into a central repository, which can then be securely accessed by both internal and external stakeholders, makes for a much more efficient organisation. Not only does it improve functionality, but it also allows for all of that information, which used to be stored non-centrally, to be normalised and accessed by those people or processes that need it.


Implementing that multi-faceted, tailor-made system that compliments, streamlines and optimises the existing processes of your company can be tricky. You need a partner to guide you through the minefield, a team of professionals to build the perfect-fitting key to not only unlock the solutions to your company’s challenges but consider the needs of your staff, too.


Singular Systems pride ourselves in being that locksmith. We will not only fashion the key to fit your company but are able to partner with you to assist in developing the processes in-house that best compliment it. With an intimate understanding of the financial services landscape, the ability to recognise our client’s unique challenges and the skills to provide the solutions they need, our combined team of custom software development experts and business-minded strategists are ready for the challenge. Contact us today.