Singularly unpacking complexity
06 June 2016

Singularly unpacking complexity

The growth and development of the world as we know it is on a steep incline. At Singular Systems, we apply ourselves to untangling and improving the internal challenges that restrict economic growth and development in business.


What exactly do we do?

The growth of business and the economy bring with them a whole host of complicated, unexpected challenges and potential barriers to expansion in any individual industry.

sin· gu· lar ( adjective): Being the only one of a kind; unique; being beyond what is ordinary or usual; remarkable.


Singular Systems is primarily a software development company, focused on providing business-to-business software solutions, functioning mainly - but not exclusively - in the financial technology sector. That means that we know the issues you are facing in your organisation – and they might feel like they are impossibly complex and dizzyingly specific – but do not fear: we have developed the answers.


We are well-versed in developing, implementing and managing software solutions that answer complicated questions. Every one of our products has been developed to answer a need in the marketplace for simplification, streamlining and time-saving solutions to complex business problems.

How do we do that?

Every product offering is fully adaptable to your needs, and if our existing systems don’t suit them, we develop custom software that does. Customisable systems and superior service delivery are the pillars of our philosophy, implemented by a comprehensive collection of highly qualified finance and IT professionals.


Sales and Customer Care Solutions

  • With the foundation of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, our sales and customer care solution amplifies sales cycle capabilities to the nth degree.
  • The introduction of Virtual Advisor, a system developed in-house and powered by Clevva, our CRM offering, becomes an intuitive, problem-solving and powerful cross-selling tool at every client-facing opportunity.


Equity Express

If you’ve heard of OTC trading, you’ve heard of Equity Express. This is our over-the-counter share trading platform and administration system that provides a matching, settlement and broking solution all in one clever offering. Equity Express offers a platform to trade anything from pork bellies to carbon shares, and deals largely with BEE share schemes, without the high costs associated with trading via more formal exchanges. Shareholders, too, have access to real-time information on their shares at the click of a button.


CGT Express

The legislation supporting capital gains tax is extremely complex and ever changing. For this reason, we at Singular developed a product that takes the guesswork, long calculation hours and unnecessary spending out of computing CGT. This product was developed for life insurance companies, asset managers and private wealth managers, to meet the needs of their taxpaying clientele.


Sh@re Trust

When the need for slicker administrative management of company share schemes arose, Sh@re Trust was born. This share incentive management system is fully customisable according to our clients’ share scheme rules and manages the entire process end-to-end, from the confidential recording of allocations to transaction execution, and comprehensive reporting.


Transfer Secretarial Systems

When listing your company, you will require a transfer secretary. We are one of four transfer secretaries endorsed by Strate (share transactions totally electronic) in South Africa. What makes us different? Our passion for streamlining processes to suit each business and optimising the data we collect. Singular Systems’ Transfer Secretarial Systems have particularly strong software capabilities.


Shareholder Analytics

Either standalone, or fitting perfectly with our Transfer Secretarial offering, the shareholder analytics product developed in-house specialises in providing accurate and meaningful information to clients. That means information that is relevant to you taken straight from your shareholders, available to you when you need it.


The world has become infinitely complex and fast-paced. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. With our time-saving, optimising, intuitive and bespoke array of products, Singular Systems has the key to open the gateway to exponential growth.


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