Customer experience matters more than ever in a connected world
28 June 2016

Customer experience matters more than ever in a connected world

Customers make a business. It doesn’t matter how good the product or how shiny the packaging – without individuals who buy into what you’re selling, your product or service is rendered null and void.


Intuitive thinking then directs us to believe that the most important thing about our product is how the customer experiences it. For some reason, this concept has been very slowly adopted by business worldwide, until now. We’re unpacking why the management and upscaling of the customer experience is most vital in business.


Good news travels but bad news travels faster

As many methods we have of telling our market how great our product or service is, word of mouth marketing is still, by far, the most effective method of getting the message out there. It is well known that when an individual experiences good service or is pleased with their purchased product, their experience may be broadcast to their friends and family, and may even recommend the product or service onward. However, according to a study performed by Dimensional Research an individual who has had a negative experience is much more likely to share that information.

Good service is the new differentiator

In an environment where most industries are augmented by the internet and big data, having superior knowledge doesn’t quite cut it as the sole selling point anymore. Customers have their pick of products or service providers from anywhere in the world. The next battleground in market share, customer service and experience management is vital to incorporate into your offering and strategy.


Think about the customer contact points that exist in your company. Sales processes and call centres are two of the most vital interaction points.

Call centres are often the one contact point that can quickly influence company reputation, due to the nature of the contact made by customers – usually, they connect because of a query or quarrel with the product. This means there is great opportunity to create a strong, positive relationship between customer and brand - by changing that experience from a negative one to a positive one. 


Whether due to the limitations of human memory, or training traditionally being of a reactive as opposed to responsive nature, an ill-advised call centre employee can make or break a relationship between a consumer and the company brand.


Singular Systems has recognised the needs of the forerunners and developed a system that greatly compliments the commonly used Microsoft Dynamics CRM® system. Introducing Virtual Advisor for CRM, a system that takes your customer relationship management system and pushes it to the next level.


Virtual Advisor is an intuitive database management tool that enables your call centre staff to deal with queries and complaints quicker than the traditional script-based approach and allows them to pre-empt the needs of your customers. Combining account details of your client base with products and solutions available, with the input of Virtual Advisor for CRM, not only will customer concerns be dealt with swiftly, your staff will be empowered to suggest upgrades or add-ons that best suit the customer’s needs without the necessity of regular training to refresh their knowledge on your products. In fact, Virtual Advisor trains your staff as they use it!


81% of customers are likely to repeat business with a company after a good service experience. - Kissmetrics


Additionally, because your staff are no longer burdened with having to recall every product or solution that your organisation offers, they can focus on building genuine relationships with your clientele, highlighting that the value their custom brings to your business is appreciated, and undoubtedly, ensuring repeat business.


This means a superior customer experience in a scenario where most consumer-facing communication leaves much to be desired.

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, the time in which it takes to resolve issues for customers is hugely important, and a certain differentiator. According to a survey performed by LivePerson 82% of customers say that getting their issue resolved quickly is the number one factor to a great customer experience.

We’re all looking for increased customer acquisition, better retention of current clientele, and overall higher levels of revenue. For a better customer experience leading to overall increased revenue, whether in a sales or servicing environment, Virtual Advisor for CRM is the solution.


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