Your call centre staff don’t need to be geniuses
05 July 2016

Your call centre staff don’t need to be geniuses

No one knows your CRM system better than the people who use it every day. If you’ve taken time out to speak with them, discussing the experiences of your call centre employees and sales staff is the quickest route to identifying the snags and pitfalls in your customer care processes and technologies. Traditionally, there are quite a few – with such tight margins, and by their sheer nature, call centre operations are quite difficult to optimise.


Thankfully, Singular Systems has developed the answer to some of the bigger pain points experienced by your staff, taking pressure off them, and your bottom line.

Poor integration: tabs upon tabs

If your company has been around for a while you’ll no doubt have built up a few legacy frustrations with the implementation of a variety of  software solutions to correct this or that challenge, ending in the need to train staff in the use of a patchwork of various single-solution programs.


Client management requires the use of up to ten different programs at once, each performing a different function.


This presents challenges in that a lot of time is spent not only training your staff to use the various programs, but while they’re on-call, too. The need to toggle between systems while dealing with clients adds to the average handle-time (AHT) of your agents.


A study by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) found that the average global AHT standard is 4 minutes.


We know that second-by-second, the longer a customer spends on the line with an agent, the more that call costs the company, and the higher the possibility of customer dissatisfaction. 


Rather than having to manually scroll through your disjointed databases, Microsoft Dynamics CRM® together with Virtual Advisor for CRM integrates all CRM processes. That means firstly that, when dealing with a query or complaint, the intuitive system will direct your call centre agent in assisting the customer through all potential issues, and their resolutions, meaning a much higher first-call resolution rate.


Secondly, while that client’s information is accessed, the intuitive system will suggest updates and cross-selling opportunities for products or services that are appropriate to that customer. 


Pain point: training multiplies as you update your CRM systems

  • Running a call centre is no cheap endeavour. Margins are slim at best. Staff training is intensive and refresher courses are required on a regular basis. Your staff will be required to specialise in every system in order to service one client.
  • Add to the already complex training required to sell or service the product you sell the need to be trained in the use of multiple CRM systems, not to mention the typically high turnover rate of staff once that training is completed. The costs escalate ad infinitum. 
  • The beauty of Virtual Advisor for CRM, powered by Clevva®, is that it effectively does away with the need for long scripts, frequent training and refresher courses. 
  • The system, which not only can be programmed with the answer to every possible product query, but intuitively stores information based on the queries posed it, is user friendly and requires minimal training to understand.
  • Virtual Advisor for CRM’s AI learns while training your staff as they work. That means lower initial skill set requirements of employees when hiring and training, more time on your hands, and the best result - happier clientele.
  • The future has arrived, and is set to take your CRM efforts by storm. Your call-centre staff don’t need to be geniuses any longer. Let Virtual Advisor for CRM take care of the heavy lifting, while your company – and your customers – reap the benefits.


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