What the call centre of the future looks like
12 July 2016

What the call centre of the future looks like

The processes and systems used by the call-centre industry have largely remained unchanged for the last five, even ten years. Now, they’re undergoing massive shifts, all thanks to technology. From social media to artificial intelligence, new-age technological concepts and applications are already being implemented around the world in large organisations, giving them the edge on their competition.


So, what does the customer centre of the future look like? Here are some trends shaping the industry you may not be aware of, that could really optimise your call centre.

Customer Experience

The buzzword of the moment, this phrase tends to get thrown around a lot. At its core, customer experience refers to optimised customer service operations and makes a change in the industry from days of old. How do you better the customer experience? As we mentioned in a previous article – you begin by recognising that customer service is one of the most effective USPs available to companies today, in this new customer-driven market.


Multichannel contact points

Leading on from customer experience and, having learned that the market is consumer-driven, the call centre industry globally is being required to go where their customers are. Which is everywhere – often more than one location.


We need to ensure that the customer can make contact at any stage of their day, in the way that they want to. Not only that, according to the Dimension Data 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, the rise of the omnichannel culture insists that customers experience the seamless integration of those channels as a standard so that they can swap between them at their convenience.


Artificial Intelligence

This is not the robot take-over we’ve been taught to fear by Hollywood. Technologically driven customer response systems offer an amazingly cost-saving, clever solution to the tight profit margins and quick-fire agent response requirement that are characteristic of the call centre environment.


The arrival of AI in call centres is closer than you may realise. We at Singular Systems have developed a program that will revolutionise the way your call-centre works. Virtual Advisor for CRM - powered by Clevva® is an intuitive system that learns while it educates your staff, and was designed to optimise your Microsoft Dynamics CRM® efforts. What does AI mean for your business? 

  • Higher rates of first-call resolution due to having direct access to your entire database.
  • Your agent, too, can now focus on the human element of your operations, which makes for much, much happier clients.


The world of new technology coming up in the call-centre industry can be incredibly overwhelming. As with any rising sector, there is a lot of choice available, and it is difficult to discern whether any one product will suit your company’s needs without first testing it. 

Singular Systems offers a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM® for your company and, should it require further adaptations, we happen to be in the business of custom software development, and can ensure the most comfortable fit of the software to your exact needs.


The future is here, are you ready?

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