So you’re listing. Now what?
22 July 2016

So you’re listing. Now what?

Sometimes, growth is not intuitive.

When your business grows, changes happen. The behind-the-scenes operations of a start-up in your parent’s garage are a very different situation to those of a well-oiled, publically listed machine – that much is obvious. However, navigating your company’s route between those two points can be riddled with growing pains and stumbling blocks.


Company owners often think that they should know how to manage that change naturally, and are then unsure as to why they stumble when reaching various levels of progress – from listing, where the stability and fluidity of processes are vital, to needing to know how to manage a shareholder database, employ a transfer secretary, interact with key investors on all levels and everything in between. 


We at Singular have recognised a certain lifecycle that occurs in these growing companies and have come to develop solutions with innovative technology that support them in going through the motions as painlessly as possible. 


You’re going to list soon – where to start?

Perhaps you’re considering raising capital, or embarking on a non-deal roadshow, or you may require the full range of Investor Relations (IR) services including quantitative perception reporting plus analyst and media relations programmes. We can help you define and implement your approach.   


You’ve listed – now what?

Your once little side project has taken flight into a profit-pumping machine, so you’ve decided that it is now time to take it to the next level.


It’s an extremely exciting time. It does, however, bring further administrative responsibilities. How do you keep track of who is involved? How do you comply with corporate governance, legal and financial requirements?


 Let’s take a look.

Transfer secretaries are imperative

If your business is listed, you need to appoint a Transfer Secretary that is authorised to operate in the STRATE equities environment, of which Singular is one of four in South Africa.  As a registered Transfer Secretary we assist you with your corporate governance compliance where your shareholders are concerned, such as shares transfer management communication with shareholders and shareholder voting at your shareholder meetings.


Give your staff the chance to buy-in

Once your business reaches a certain size, you may want to adopt an employee incentive scheme to retain and incentivise talent using your company’s shares. We have developed a comprehensive – and fully customizable - administration solution that allows you to manage whatever incentive scheme arrangement you have decided to adopt in your organisation, including vanilla option schemes, share purchase plans, share appreciation rights (SARs), forfeitable share plans, phantom option schemes, unit based schemes and more.


Our product, ShareTrust, offers a multi-trust, multi-company, incentive management system which handles the basics: - new offers, forfeitures, share sale executions and some complex areas too like automated SARS tax directive applications and IFRS 2 reporting.   The software also encompasses a web portal where staff can view all their share information, provide trading instructions, update details and download documents. 


Calculating capital gains

By listing, you have opted into managing a lot of compliance regulation. When brokers trade your company’s shares, they are required to calculate capital gains and losses on their clients’, your shareholders’, investments – a task that is riddled with potential pitfalls. Singular has developed a system, CGT Express, that assists brokers and asset managers in that process by automating legal tax regulation updates and plugs straight into various asset management systems, taking into account most of the possible variables that each shareholder portfolio comes with when making those calculations. 


Effectively using all of that data

Things are going well. Your shares are moving nicely. Because of this, there are a whole lot of vested interests in your company. You may have the most say, but there are now a lot of stakeholders to inform about what your company has been up to.


Analytics and reporting can be a minefield. It’s all very well having a vast database of shareholders at your fingertips, but what do you do with the shareholder registers passed on by STRATE? Our Shareholder Analytics offering decrypts and adds value to those registers, providing meaningful information that can be used in strategic decision-making by your board. Our report offerings include, amongst others: Peer Comparisons, JSE required ownership disclosures in Integrated Annual Reports, BEE Ownership Analyses, Daily Market Surveillance Reporting and Offshore Custody Account Analyses.

Investor relations from a single point

Singular’s Investor Relations offering covers all bases of interaction with your investors – from integrated communications and reporting programmes, to in-house training specifically tailored to the needs of your company, and everything in-between. We enable the easy management of both the Buy- and Sell-sides of your operations. 


Essentially, IR manages the relationship between the company and the investors interacting with shareholders and reporting back to management on communication strategies, investor perceptions and social media publicity. 


We tell you who exactly your shareholders are, what their sentiments depict, and where they are located. IR allows you to forecast performance, monitor social media and report on transactions, as well as communicate to your investors what they need to know.


Share management one-stop-shop

Share management tools are an absolute necessity in this increasingly fast-paced, time-sensitive day and age, which is why we have developed a one-stop-shop solution to all these challenges – giving you a central point of contact and accountability.


Singular Systems has years of experience in supporting businesses at some of the most pertinent potential pain points they may encounter. We know where you’re headed – and whether by providing you with the tools, or managing those tools for you, we’re here to help your company thrive on its journey.


Call us your growth partner.

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