Singular Financial Services is a division of Singular Systems Pty (Ltd) and is responsible for the administration of numerous share schemes for various issuers. Some of the share schemes are currently trading their shares on an over-the-counter basis through the OTC Express bulletin board, where buyers and sellers enter into bilaterally negotiated transactions. Other share schemes have listed their shares on the Equity Express Securities Exchange (Pty) Limited (EESE), where Singular Financial Services is a registered Authorised User. Singular Services offers a unique service for issuers of securities by allowing for any optional restrictions to be positioned into the share offering. In addition to this, Singular Financial Services specialises in ensuring that investors have access to investor focussed assistance, education, security and document administration through the multilingual call centre.

OTC Express

OTC Express, brought to you by Singular Systems, provides a legal mechanism to issuers of securities that either choose not to be listed on a stock exchange or do not meet the relevant listing requirements. OTC Express offers a web-based bulletin board allowing prospective buyers and sellers of securities to find one another, engage in independent, bilateral negotiations outside of the Singular Systems domain and conclude transactions with zero settlement risk. OTC Express is a pre-funded model thereby ensuring funds for concluded trades.

Equity Express Securities Exchange

On 12th September 2017, Equity Express Securities Exchange (EESE) was granted an operational stock exchange licence by the Financial Services Board. As an authorised user, Singular Services proudly provides a full administrative function to EESE’s clients and looks forward to welcoming many more share schemes to utilise our services.




Comprehensive share trading and administrative support.

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Comprehensive share trading & administrative support.