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Companies today need to ability to change rapidly and enhance their offering in accordance with new and shifting environments. Our Tailor-Made Solutions team understands that many companies have great ideas but are often unable to validate a business case with confidence.


Our team of software development experts have built a trusted reputation for delivering solutions that match the client’s business needs 100%. We understand that building solutions is a big step for many of our clients and so we make every provision to ensure what we do for each client is entirely the best solution for them.


Our staff are trained to understand the business outcomes that need to be achieved so that they can provide the best software recommendations. We build systems to fit your business – it should NOT be the other way around.



Ask yourself these 5 questions before embarking on a tailor-made solution for your company:
  • Do you need custom-fit or tailor-made?
    In other words, do you just need your current software solution to fit your needs, or do you need new software developed from scratch? For instance, even our products are customised for our clients –though they are using the same base product, we customise it to their needs. The software should fit into their business process. We won’t smash a square peg into a round hole!
  • Will the solution be built on an existing platform or system?
    If so, the costs should be lower than writing all-new code.

  • What languages does your development team use?
    This question is important because you want to be sure that your solution is being coded in a programming language that is popular (so there are plenty of developers using it) and accessible.
  • Who takes the brief?
    Ideally, the manager in charge of your custom development project is a multidisciplinary individual who is able to take insights from your business and translate these requirements into a robust brief for the developers to execute. They have business, management and technical skills as well as significant experience.
  • Who retains the copyright?
    You the customer should hold the copyright to your custom-built software solution, leaving you free to resell or license it to other companies in your industry who might have a use for it.



What differentiates us from the rest is our ability to build solution sets that can be reused in all our projects as a base that can be adapted to clients requirements. 



Over the years Singular Systems has worked very closely with many leading national and international companies carefully building up some industry specific knowledge and skill sets.


Is complexity limiting your business?